Feteasca Neagra

Feteasca Neagra
Year 2016 | Region Valul lui Traian

Red Dry Wine

Alcohol: 14% vol.
Aged for 12 months in French oak barrique
Recommended serving temperature: +18°C
Recommended storage temperature: +5 +18 °C
Food pairing: grilled pork or beef/pasta in red sauce/grilled vegetables/tough cheeses.
Produced from selected grapes chosen from Feteasca Neagra indigenous variety, that is harvested from the South of Moldova – a region that is perfect due to its climatic conditions for producing qualitative wines.
The wine has a bright ruby color, with a discreet character, but in the same time specific, with an intense flavor of dry plums, raisins, black currant and cherries with spicy notes. The taste is fruitful and consistent, which gets softer and richer with aging, therefore it seduces with a long and complex after-taste.
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