Our devotion is, in fact, a confession. We have put our passion and best talents into the manually collected grapes, in order to, share with you the wines we are proud of. Our wines tell the story of the most outstanding varieties and the dedication for what we do. Because the things worth sharing are the ones you do best.


For us, winemaking is not just a decision, it is a spellbinding fate. Born in Moldova, where culture and tradition for winemaking have become part of the national DNA, we have been gifted with a unique advantage of producing wines from the bottom of our hearts. We make wine from the heart of each grape, from the heart of every worker and from the heart of the whole country, whose name we are proudly carrying in the entire world. We produce wines that open hearts and create passions.


The creation of wines is a responsibility. That is why Vinaria din Vale grows and improves constantly, with the purpose of, offering wines that confirm what we do best. The achieved wines exceed all expectations through taste and quality, an universal exchange between feelings and earnestness.


Our whole activity is based on three aspects: family, tradition and passion. The business started within the family, where the love for wine-making was passed on to the new generations. While the passion for excellence and affection for what we do helps us engage new talents, who come with a fresh approach in our community.

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