We create wines from the soul

“The wines of Vinăria din Vlae start from the area of Valului lui Trăian, a region with a protected geographical indication, located in the southern part of Moldova. These vineyards are distinguished by a favorable climate and fertile varieties that ensure the personality and impeccable quality of our grapes.

There, in Lunca Prutului de Jos, an area protected by UNESCO, grow local and international varieties that, harmoniously combined with the most advanced technologies, metamorphose into excellent wines. The vine remains one of our prides, the sure proof of the power and courage to understand the earth and use its energy to create an intense wine. Some of the cuttings of our vineyards are already 50 years old – a rare thing in winemaking – which, after harvesting and sorting, reaches the factory which is equipped with modern equipment, such as Bucher Vaslin, Eno Veneta and Laffort.

An indispensable role in perfecting the gustatory qualities of the wines has the maturation in barrels, a period in which the wines mature and become more noble. We chose the French oak, Seguin Moreau, Frenesit, Mercier and Nadalié barrels that give the wines velvety tannins, supple taste and unique aromas.

Together with the indisputable mastery of our oenologists, we create wines of impeccable quality.”

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