About us


Vinaria din Vale is, first of all, a family.

The man who established the Vinaria din Vale winery is Vladimir Davidescu. He inherited the passion for winemaking from his father, Ilie, who had a small vineyard in his household. Every autumn he would produce a modest amount of wine through hard work to share with his loved ones. Likewise, this motivated Vladimir to follow his father’s footsteps and at his turn pass on the tradition to his children.

Today, his children Andrian and Elena have taken over his renowned activity to extend the company Vinaria din Vale not only in Moldova, but as well as beyond the country’s borders. While, in the southeast regions of Moldova, Vladimir Davidescu, is deeply appreciated by fellow villagers, who offered them the opportunity to exceed their talents within the company and find humanity in the church he built in the honour of his mother.

Vinaria din Vale is a family who has values, traditions and appreciation for the things well done, because a good wine makes us rejuvenate.


Vinaria din Vale company is a family business over 20 years old, at which core commits the whole Davidescu family, led by our leader- Vladimir Davidescu, accompanied by an enthusiastic inhouse team, as well as the hardworking locals from the southern regions of Moldova.

Around 500 employees annually are harvesting the grapes from the most picturesque region of the country. In the South, where the nature is overflowing with abundant harvest.

Annually, Vinaria din Vale exports their products in countries such as Romania, Germany, USA, China, Japan, Belarus. The local market in Moldova, as well, is not neglected. The winery produces several international varieties: Merlot, Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rosé, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Saperavi, Riesling, Muscat Otonnel and Rkatsiteli. The company produces on top of that wines from the local varieties: White feteasca and Black Feteasca.

Vinaria din Vale is preparing for touristic visitors by putting its efforts into building a wine cellar of approximately 400 m​2​, where wines will be stored in French barrels.


Vinaria din Vale represents the legend of a millenary passion for winemaking in the entire country.

It is commonly believed that, storks are birds that save lives, embodying the symbol of peace and freedom. During the battles of Stephan the Great, these birds were caring into their beaks grapes for the soldiers, while being trapped into the Slobozia Fortress lacking food and water for a month. Many people survived due to their efforts.

Storks have become since then the symbol of the nation, an important part of the winemaking history in Moldova. Nowadays, Vinaria din Vale is settled in this region where storks used to pick up the grapes for the soldiers in need. Moreover, our wines share mystical feelings of the ancient times in every bottle.

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