Feteasca Alba

Feteasca Alba
IGP Valul lui Traian
Year 2016 | Region Valul lui Traian

White Dry Wine

Alcohol: 13 % vol.
Aged for 6 months in French oak barrique
Recommended serving temperature: +12 °C
Recommended storage temperature: +5 +20 °C
Food pairing: fish/white grilled meat/snails/seafood/grilled vegetables/salads.
Produced from selected grapes chosen from Feteasca Alba indigenous variety, that is harvested from the South of Moldova – a region that is perfect due to its climatic conditions for producing qualitative wines.
The wine has a green-yellowish color with pale reflections. The flavor is soft, with notes of wild flowers and citrus. The taste is well-balanced, structured and with a long and intense end of peach flavor.
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